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"KASUT BUTANG EMAS: Kasut-kasut awk ni semuanya cantik.
Nenek saya yang dah umur 86 tahun sangat meminati kasut-kasut awk.
Tapi sayangnya nenek saya punya kaki dah mengecil akibat factor umur.
Dulu size kaki nenek saya 6 sekarang 4.5.
Tak mungkin boleh muat.
So kalau awk ada jumpa kasut-kasut bersaiz kecil, awk tolong update ehh.
Sian nenek.

Nenek kata awak cool." - by Anonymous.

From Adelene Media Monitors (M) Sdn. Bhd on 01.11.09 :
I've received my booties yesterday. Love it! Thank you!

From Miss Airin on 30.10.09 (bought Roflina Flats, unChaste Pumps & Isabella Studded Bootie) :
It was truly a pleasure dealing with you. Will buy your stuffs next time. Have a nice weekend too babe!

From Miranda Yeoh (JuiceMag) on 02.11.09 :
@secretshoesproj got your boots! thanks guys :) but oh man, they're too big, but i don't care i'm still going to wear them

From Evelyn on 02.11.09 :
I got my shoes already and they fit me like a glove :) happy happy ^^
Im referring to roflina flats yea. Cant wait for more of your updates.

From Ami(Sputnik Sweetheart) on 03.11.09 :
Love the Chic Nudite, it fits me very well and the chunky heels makes it comfy to walk in. Thanks for the speedy and lovely service Secret Shoes Project!

From Fui Ching on 05.11.09 :
i received my shoe de~
love it LOTS =D
thanks ^w^
From Yu Mi on 08.11.09 :
Hey dear!
I'm so sorry for the late reply. I was pretty tight up with work. Anyway, I've received my shoes and i must say... the shoes are lovely, quality is superb and your service is just excellent! Thank you and hope to deal with you again! Cheers~

From Tharash on 11.11.2009 (unChaste Pumps):
Its a lil bit tight thought but i stuffed my feet in anyways...totally love it! :D
Thank you!